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Not Your Everyday, Run of the Mill Erinn

Robin McKinley

Sunshine, by Robin McKinley
Genre: Horror

Although it's not scary, not even a little bit, I did find this book in the horror section at Half Price. I think they do that when it's got vampires in it. I would call this urban fantasy.

If you ever get the chance to read any of these author's books, do it! She really is a fantastic writer. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed her writing until I started reading this book. I had a very difficult time putting it down and doing anything else but read. I found the main character very engaging and I liked the world created for this book, it's sort of post-apocalyptic. Magic is more common then science, and due to a large war that had decimated human cities years before, humans are on the verge of extinction. The main character, Sunshine, goes from being just a baker to finding out she is so much more then she ever thought. All the sudden she's having to fight for her life, and her only ally in her struggles is someone she never thought she could trust before.
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