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The Prize Winner of Ohio, Defiance. By Terry Ryan.

I've landed on hard times recently, and found insperation in the book with the above subject line for a title.

It's a wonderful book, about a Mother who wrote in Jingles and poems to win contests for her family of 12. Ten of them being Children.
It was a really good read, and it was written by the daughter of the mother.

As someone who likes to write as well, and is also on hard times I found this book to be really insperational.
The wit of the mother with her contesting entries was rather un usua, but they all had this air about them that was witty, and fun.

Through the eyes of Terry (Tuff) Ryan, I was able to read what life was like for this family of 12 in the 60's-70's.
The father had a drinking problem, and alot of the money went towards his drinking habit, which caused alot of problems within the home. But this mother was able to look on the bright side of things and keep her family afloat, and even win some big contests. The biggest being first prize in a "Time of your Life" contest, for Dr. Pepper.
It was a really good read, and I highly reccoment it.

Not only does it document the life of the Ryan family, it documents what life was like historically back then, before the favored sweepstakes took hold of the nation.

It really is a good read.
Check it out.
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