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How to Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way

Title: How to Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way
Author: Bruce Campbell
Genre: Fiction

This is a really wierd book. Loosely based on his life he mentions that everything in it really happened, except for all the things that didn't. I don't know how to discribe this book, but I will say that if you love Bruce Campbell and you love all (or just some) of his cheesy B movies YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK. He writes it in a manor where you feel like he's telling you a story, be it an odd one.
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i just got it from my friend and am starting to read it in the next few days.
It's a real hoot.
Yeah, I enjoyed how it felt as if he were standing in front ofyou telling a tale. SOme of it was really "laugh out loud" and some of it only got a giggle, but over all it was an enjoyable read. Now I want to read If Chins Could Kill.
I had the same response. Something would startle me so much I'd laugh, then I'd look around for someone to share it with.

I haven't read much past the first chapter of "Chins" I picked it up at work one day when it was really slow. It was amusing enough that I still want to read the rest of it.